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Breda is in all seasons is the place to be. Breda is named the best inner city of the Netherlands! Endless shopping in a beautiful, historic decor. Unique cafes, lovely terraces and tranquil parks. Enjoying life, they know in Breda to handle it. The city bulges almost out of the seams of the cafés, restaurants and terraces. Of stars restaurants, to affordable dining and wine and beer tastings. There's something for everyone! Breda breathes history. In our wonderful city there are many remains from the rich history. There is even a castle in the city center! Breda is also the place for shopaholics. The city is full of unique boutiques.




One of the oldest production forests of Netherlands. This beautiful piece of nature is a delight for the nature enthusiast. Disabilities in Breda was formerly used for the production of ships ' masts. Doubled the beautiful Mastbos forest as a hunting ground for the "Heeren van Oranje". The Breda Breda is contemporary used by young and old. The Breda Breda features walking trails of different lengths. You can during this hiking trails through the Mastbos forest deer, raptors, egrets and more encounter wildlife. If you use this route explores disabilities enjoy you on and to of many plant and animal species that live in this beautiful piece of nature. You can also use this route along the many wild fields and vantage points that this area. Also for the customers who are less agile, there are rollator paths.




In fine weather, you have a wonderful day at the Galderse Lakes. The water and the beaches are clean, allowing the kids to play and swim! A portion of the Lake is available for diving and surfing. The Galderse Lakes is an area with recreational lakes South of Breda. It is one of the brightest sweet waterplassen in Netherlands. Subtropical blue water and a view of up to 15 meters deep. The recreation area is named after the nearby village of Galder. There are various sunbathing areas and sandy beaches, what the Galderse Lakes on sunny days, a popular destination. There is no set dining facilities, but there are stalls along that fries, ice cream and drinks sales. In short, the Galderse Lakes is an excellent place for summer fun!




In less than an hour's drive you in the heart of Antwerp. Antwerp has long been one of the top destinations for a city trip with Dutch tourists. For years the Dutch come to this historic city on the Schelde to go out, shopping and to enjoy all the beauty that the city has to offer. The main attraction is the historic old town. On centuries-old squares such as the Grand place you can enjoy a delicious Belgian pint. Shoppers will go totally in the many shopping areas that Antwerp counts. Not for nothing is Antwerp as the shopping city in the Benelux.

The Efteling is located at about half an hour drive away. The Efteling is a place where you just forget the world around you. Where you one moment hovers between trolls and fairies in Dream flight and the other moment doing battle against the Dragon in the double wooden roller coaster racer George and the Dragon. Where the little ones travel with Epy and Jet in Carnival Festival and daredevils with 90 km/h the gold mine of Baron 1898 collapse. Where you with the whole family from straying in the secret passages and magical leave Symbolica, Palace of fantasy! Experience the most beautiful moments in the Efteling theme park.